Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

20-21 Mar 2018, Sofitel City Centre Hotel, Singapore

Theme: "Health Insurance at the Crossroads: Leading the Market With Healthcare On Demand"

Early Bird Ends on 20 February 2018

With the latest technology, individuals are better and faster informed about their health and wellness and the action they need to take to stay energised and healthy. Healthcare is therefore a buzzword and this disruptive technology not only challenges the insurance industry but gives insurers tremendous new business opportunities!

Insurers are rising rapidly to these challenges and opportunities with some taking the lead to position insurance as enabling people to stay healthy longer as yet another mantra of the industry. The potential is tremendous.

Health and healthcare offers a whole new frontier for insurance industry. There is also the brave new world of combining healthcare for retirees in ageing societies. The theme for this year’s healthcare conference is: “Health Insurance at the Crossroads: Leading the Market With Healthcare on Demand.”

The rapid pace of innovation is pushing insurers to position themselves at the leading edge of technology, with the emergence of peer-to-peer insurance, changing customer behaviours and the nature of the risks being insured, how should insurers respond to this constantly changing environment?

Asia Insurance Review’s Healthcare Insurance Conference 2018 will discuss how to keep up with the ever changing environment; the strategic options for insurers and reinsurers; the dynamism that insurers bring to the healthcare and health benefits market in the digital era; the changing role of governments, employers, insurers and healthcare providers and pharmas; and the way

In addition to discussions on the new frontiers covering genetics, wearables and digital healthcare, this year’s two-day conference will look at the latest trends and developments in healthcare around the region and the world, what Insurtechs and startups are doing, how to transform from a traditional insurer to a connected health insurer, a global ageing population, automated underwriting, health data collection and cyber risks, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and the overall implications on the insurance industry as a whole for the foreseeable future.

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Past Featured Speakers

Damian Delaney

Damian Delaney

Chief Commercial Officer, Now Health International Group

Andre Czanik

Andre Czanik

Management Committee Representative, Life Insurance Association Singapore

Tony Estrella

Tony Estrella

Managing Partner, Head of Health Innovation, MetLife Innovation Centre, LumenLab

Dr Ogan Gurel

Dr Ogan Gurel

Founder & CEO, NovumWaves; Visiting Professor, Samsung Advanced Institute of Health Sciences and Technology

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