6th Asia Insurance Brokers’ Summit

13-14 Mar 2018, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Theme: "The Digital Savvy Broker: Finding a Secure Sustainable Niche in the Future of Insurance"

Early Bird Ends on 06 February 2018

Key Topics

• Keynote Address: The New World of the Smart Broker?
• Geo-politic and economic landscape impact on the industry
• The Future of Brokers: Entrenched or Marginalised?
• Secrets to Making Brokers Sustainable and Indispensable
• The World of New Risks Disrupting Business
• The Global Risks Report 2018
• The Broker in the Digital Era: Surviving an Automated Future
• Brokers Role in Serving SMEs
• Underinsurance and the Unique Value Add that Brokers Bring
• New Partnerships in Insurance: Brokers, Risk Managers and Insurers
• Driverless Car - Opportunity for brokers to grasp
• A Niche for Brokers in Employee Benefits
• Owning the Customers: KYC & Know your customers’ needs    
- Personalised Coverage for Clients
• Role of Technology: Using data analytics & artificial intelligence to understand customer
• Brand Loyalty –Earn customer trust and keep it
• Panel on Asia Brokers’ Association Leaders: Leading the Brokers
• Special C-Suite Panel Discussion: Brokers as Partners
- The Key attributes to succeed in sustainable, innovative and competitive environment

Special Focus on Cyber
• New Approach to Cyber Insurance – A strategy in a digital age
• Panel Session: The State of Cybersecurity in Asia
- Are brokers doing enough to help customer manage their risks?
- SME to understand important of cyber cover

Ted-Style Talk on Digital Transformation
• Key Digital Trends Brokers Must Embrace
• The Obstacles of Integrating Digital and Traditional Channels into Omnichannel
• Finding the Right Digital Buying Channel
• Social Media for Insurance Brokers – Strengthen your online game
- Reputation management
- Tools to draw upon
• AI, Chatbot & the Rise of Automated Agent
• Blockchain and Smart Contracts to get Ahead of the Game
• Panel Discussion on Traditional vs Smart Backed Brokers
- Is traditional brokerage model obsolete?
- What InsurTech can help to expand

Focus on Nat CAT
• Climate Change: Why we should be worried
- Impact of climate change on insurance
- What brokers need to know about climate related risks
• Parametric Insurance Important Role to Insure Nat CAT Risk

Focus on Future Talent
• Future Leader – Young Insurance Brokers Panel Discussion
- Value they can bring through innovation and technology
- Injecting new blood into broking – Role of old brokers
• Drawing Talent through Diversity and Inclusion

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