1st Inclusive Insurance Conference

2-3 Oct 2018, W Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Theme: "Blockchain & Digital Solutions for Climate Risks and Insurance Anywhere, Anytime, Everybody"

Early Bird Ends on 03 September 2018

Key Topics

  • Current Trends: Blockchain in Insurance & Financial Services in Emerging Markets
  • Technology Solutions for Climate Risk Insurance: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  • How Blockchain Can Be Deployed in Insurance – Underwriting, Policy Issuance, Premium Collection, and Claims Payments
  • InsurTech Applications in Inclusive Insurance and Related Regulatory Challenges in Asia
  • Supervisory Approaches and Regulatory Challenges: How Can Supervisors Support Innovation While Protecting the Customers?
  • Disruption & Competition: Does it Solve the Gap Between Demand and Supply
  • What Are the Costs Involved to Build Such Infrastructure and the Benefits to be Expected?
  • Blockchain, Digital Contracts & Cryptocurrencies – Current Cases Being Developed For Insurance?

Plenary session 1: Blockchain & Digitisation of Insurance Processes

  • Mobile and digital insurance
  • Digitisation of contracts
  • Benefits and challenges of blockchain
  • Insurtech and value chain approach
  • Minimising basis risk in index-based insurance solutions

Plenary session 2: Regulatory Aspects of CRI Digitisation and Sandbox Approach

  • Complementary of private insurance and social protection
  • Links to financial inclusion and social protection
  • InsurTech Supervisory practices

Plenary session 3: Spotlight on Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam Digitisation and Blockchain Solutions for the Reinsurance Industry

  • Use of technologies in inclusive insurance, CRI and agriculture insurance
  • Complementary of private insurance and social protection
  • Links to financial inclusion and social protection
  • Interagency cooperation

Plenary session 4: Climate Risks, Data Collection and DRF Solutions

  • Technologies for Climate Risks Insurance (CRI) – Indices, measurements, insurance delivery, literacy
  • Climate risks assessment for Disaster Risk Finance (DRF) purposes
  • Data-related key challenges
  • National climate insurance schemes
  • Insurance Pools among (re)insurers
  • Interagency cooperation

Plenary Session 5: Sustainability of Peer-to-Peer Exchange and Sharing of Knowledge

  • Inclusive Insurance key takeaways and the next steps


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