3rd Asia Cyber Risk Summit

17-18 Sep 2018, Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore

Theme: "To Be Cyber Resilient in a World of Evolving Cyber Threats"

Key Topics

Managing A World of Cyber Risks
  • The Real World of Cyber Risks Today
  • Role of InsurTech in Cyber Security
  • Leadership from the C-Suite in the Age of Cyber Risks
  • Regulatory Trends in Cyber Risk Management
  • Recovering from a Cyber Attack
  • Blockchain: Are Organisations Ready?
  • How Blockchain Can Help Enhance Cyber-defense
  • Use of Predictive Analytics in Cyber Insurance
  • Case Study on Data Breach & Data Privacy  
  • Developing a Sustainable Business Continuity Management Plan
  • Convincing Business Owners the Importance Cyber Protection

Navigating the Cyberspace
  • The Dark Web – A Whole New World of Risks
  • Cyber Crimes – Can They be Stopped?
  • Frauds in Cyber Claims
  • Cyber Products – Opportunities and Limitations
  • Broadening Cyber Collaborations Beyond Private-Public Initiatives
  • Cyber Security Firms – Are There Too Many out There in the Market?
  • How Do Insurers Choose?
  • Cyber Reality – How Exposed Are We?
  • Cyber Mind – Think Like A Criminal
  • Cyber Policy – Standalone or Embedded?
  • Cyber & Political Risks Landscape
  • Crytopcurrency Coverage – Big Opportunities?
  • Is the Insurance Industry Ready?
Cyber Underwriting
  • Cyber Exposure: Is it Worth the Risk?
  • Claims-Loss Adjustment in Cyber Liability
  • Strategic Tips in Cyber Underwriting
  • Quantifying Cyber Claims & Exposures
  • Cyber Insurance: Opportunity or Liability?
  • Cyber Risks Modelling
  • Reinsuring the Cyber Space

Technology Infrastructure & Its Cyber Risks
  • Future Challenges for Smart Cities: Cyber Security and Digital Forensics 
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Smart Solutions & Cyber Security – What More Can Insurers Do? 
  • Security Breach in Infrastructure
  • How Exposed is the Cloud?
  • Considerations in Selecting the Right Technology Partners
  • Combating Cybercrimes: Partnering White Hat Hackers

Priority Issues for Risk Managers
  • Cyber Security Risk Framework: Risks & Responses
  • How to be Cyber Resilient in an Ever-evolving Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Risk Management Issues and IoT

The Changing Role of CIOs
  • Next Generation CIOs – The Evolving Role of IT Leaders
  • Use of AI and Digital Strategies
  • Digital Transformations: Keys to Success

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