Jul 2018

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Shielding against terror

The threat of terrorist attacks has become more widespread than ever before, with two out of three countries having experienced one. With terrorism cover and risk pools active since the turn of the millennium, we look at how they are maintaining their relevance in the face of new treats like cyber threats and the changing nature of terrorism.

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Water, water, everywhere

Samuel Taylor Coleridge wasn’t referring to the rise in water-related risk that is challenging the economic foundations of national economies and insurers alike in his famous poem, but the increasing incidence of water-related natural disasters is of concern to a growing group of people and not just Ancient Mariners. RMS Japan’s Yasunori Araga talks about some new catastrophe models for Asia.

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The new world order of risk

The business of insurance and risk is facing a new world order. In our globalised world, wealth is concentrated, borders have blurred and systems of finance and governance are more interconnected than ever. Mr Iain Ferguson of Lloyd’s Asia Pacific provides some insights from the City Risk Index.

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Tax risk management with a lens on transfer pricing

The Asia Pacific region embodies a multitude of different tax systems, ranging from the highly sophisticated to the less developed. Nevertheless, it is possible to discern trends as countries modernise their tax structures and defend their fiscal borders through a combination of base erosion and profit shifting-inspired developments and unilateral actions. EY APAC insurance tax leader Dale Judd provides some insights.

Supply chain from a risk engineering perspective

There has been increasingly serious business interruption experienced by large industrial companies globally, according to industrial insurer HDI Global SE. Singapore-based senior risk engineer Moey Park Moon provides a perspective of how the global supply chain has evolved.

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Emerging geopolitical risks a top threat to financial markets - Swiss Re

Emerging geopolitical risks are the top threat to financial markets, and one of five top emerging risk themes identified as posing the largest challenges globally in this year’s Swiss Re SONAR report.

Global: World's first threat-information sharing group for regulators established

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) has announced the upcoming launch of the world-first CERES (CEntral banks, REgulators and Supervisory entities) Forum, a new information sharing group for central banks, regulators and supervisors to share information impacting global security and resiliency.