Aug 2018

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Alternative investment and private assets


Chief investment officers within insurance companies in Asia, like other institutional investors, have been having a tough time in recent years thanks to quantitative easing. Help could be found in an outsourced solution that offers bespoke investment solutions for global insurance companies.

China sets stage for prudent financial growth


The past year has seen China’s insurance regulatory landscape go through some exciting, and possibly turbulent changes. We round up several of the most significant developments.

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Insurance opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem


As blockchain becomes more prevalent and cryptocurrencies gain increasing traction in the economy, the question of where insurers can find their place in this ecosystem begs for an answer.

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    This is August and yet it is a busy month, brimming with excitement – from the summer strife, including the threat of trade wars and protectionism, to cyber exposures increasing in size exponentially.

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30 years of insurance in Hong Kong

  • Magazine article aboutNatural-harbour-Natural-hub

    Natural harbour. Natural hub

    It is fascinating to look back at old photographs and prints of Hong Kong in the early days. Rustic as it was, mosquito-infested as it was, few people are surprised that the territory turned out to be a global giant in the world of international...

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  • Quotes from regulators over the years

    Over the past 30 years, Asia Insurance Review has had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing every insurance regulator in Hong Kong. Here are some highlights that offer up unique insights into the complex and changing landscape of insurance...

  • Three decades of landmark developments in insurance

    Significant developments in the Hong Kong insurance sector


Life & health

  • Magazine article aboutThe-diversity-of-markets

    The diversity of markets

    Japan and Australia may be mature markets but both represent growth markets for Zurich. Asia Pacific CEO Jack Howell discusses the need to have a balanced approach to business growth and the importance of viewing market participation for the long...

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  • The new landscape for health insurers

    Wellness not illness. Partnerships not patients. Changing societal trends are disrupting an age-old industry and health insurers are providing an ever-broadening array of services that sets them apart from other parts of the insurance industry.

  • Spotlight on the Asian retirement industry

    Asia is bracing for a storm of epic proportions — of a demographic nature. A significant number of markets across Asia are ageing. Different markets are in different phases of ageing – some unique insights from the Asia Retirement Study...



  • Magazine article aboutInsurance-opportunities-in-the-blockchain-ecosystem

    Insurance opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem

    As blockchain becomes more prevalent and cryptocurrencies gain increasing traction in the economy, the question of where insurers can find their place in this ecosystem begs for an answer.

  • InsurTech: Not revolution but evolution

    They create a better experience for insurance customers by catalysing innovation and technological advancement in the insurance industry. We speak to an incumbent insurer and an InsurTech to get a balanced view of the true potential of Insurtech.

  • Solving the microinsurance puzzle

    Insurtech is enabling microinsurance to become a growth area for Asia’s insurers. RGA Reinsurance Company Japan Branch discusses the latest developments.

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  • Magazine article aboutSri-Lanka-New-regulator-outlines-priorities

    Sri Lanka: New regulator outlines priorities

    Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka chairman Mano Tittawella reveals that increasing awareness and building public confidence about insurance are his priorities. He is also a strong proponent of the involvement of foreign players in...

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  • Indonesia's insurance regulatory landscape

    Indonesia’s prevailing insurance regime provides the main principles and regulatory framework for insurance business in the country. The details are fleshed out incrementally by subsidiary regulations. Norton Rose Fulbright provides a...