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  • New Zealand: 2018 is 2nd most costly year for severe weather events since 1969

    Insurers have spent more than $226m ($155m) this year helping customers recover from extreme weather, according to data from the Insurance Council of NZ (ICNZ).

    Asia | 14 Dec 2018
  • Investors urge governments to act on climate change

    A group of institutional investors managing $32tn in assets has called on governments to implement actions to achieve the Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), against the backdrop of the ongoing UN climate change conference in Katowice, Poland.

    Asia Risk | 12 Dec 2018
  • Qatar: Legislators call for Nat CAT insurance law

    Lawmakers have expressed the hope that legislation will be enacted soon requiring insurance companies to cover natural disasters, in particular the effects of rainfall, in the aftermath of the damage to property caused by the recent heavy rainfall that hit Qatar.

    Middle East | 11 Dec 2018
  • Kuwait: Lawmaker suggests making insurers pay for damage from flying gravel

    A legislator has proposed an amendment to the 1961 insurance law that would make it mandatory for insurance companies to compensate Kuwaitis and expatriates for damage caused by floods and flying gravel.

    Middle East | 10 Dec 2018
  • Tropical cyclone season sees more landfall in Japan than usual

    Tropical cyclones once again caused billions of dollars in damage across the globe in 2018, with the high number of typhoons that hit Japan and the two hurricane strikes in the US being of particular note.

    AIRPlus | 10 Dec 2018
  • Australia: Insurers face environmentalists' pressure on coal projects

    Thirty global insurance companies have been called upon to publicly rule out any insurance services for Indian mining multinational Adani's coal mine and associated rail project in Queensland -- in light of its potential climate, social, and broader environmental impacts.

    Asia | 07 Dec 2018
  • Saudi Arabia: Insurers question obligation to compensate stubborn drivers

    Insurance companies are being overwhelmed by claims from people who have damaged their vehicles in recent rains and floods.

    Middle East | 05 Dec 2018
  • New Zealand: Insurers must consider climate risks in their decisions-central bank

    There is a need for insurers and banks to reflect climate risks in their decisions, said The Reserve Bank of New Zealand in its six-monthly Financial Stability Report issued last week.

    Asia Risk | 05 Dec 2018
  • Should India transfer its catastrophe risks to capital markets?

    The coastal Indian state of Kerala suffered an estimated economic loss of $4.5bn due to the floods that affected the state in August this year. Kerala has demanded that the federal Indian government provide additional resources to help rebuild the state's damaged infrastructure.

    AIRPlus | 04 Dec 2018
  • Breaking down the protection gap

    The protection gap is not one singular figure of insured and uninsured people, but rather a series of gaps existing across different areas of society, said RMS chief research officer Dr Robert Muir-Wood. "It is not also simply the number of potential insureds who are without coverage. It is deeper than that. You can say that 60% of people do not have insurance, but maybe those people have less risk than the remaining 40%. That is why it is more important to measure the risk that is not covered, rather than just the people who are not covered," he said.

    AIRPlus | 03 Dec 2018

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