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  • Berkshire withdraws from HK govt Employees' Compensation terrorism pool

    Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company (BHSI) recently withdrew from the Hong Kong Employees' Compensation (EC) terrorism pool effective 1 December, 2018. Thus, it becomes the first insurer in Hong Kong to provide EC terrorism coverage to customers directly.

    AIRPlus | 18 Dec 2018
  • Australia: Terrorism pool starts study into cyber terrorism

    Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation, the government agency responsible for administering the country's terrorism reinsurance scheme, has commenced a research study on the threat of cyber terrorism in Australia, including the nature and cost of physical damage to commercial property (including business interruption), which may be caused by acts of cyber terrorism.

    Asia | 02 Nov 2018
  • ARPC reports stable capacity, increased premium income

    The Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC) released its 2017-18 annual report last week, marking the first financial year under the guidance of chairman Ian Carson. ARPC provides reinsurance to Australia's commercial property insurers against declared terrorism incidents.

    AIRPlus | 22 Oct 2018
  • Afghanistan: Insurance sector in need of reform

    The lack of proper government policy, high insurance premiums, lack of consumer awareness and mistrust of insurance companies have left the Afghan insurance sector underdeveloped.

    Middle East | 11 Oct 2018
  • Industry must innovate to meet changing demand of terrorism threats-Guy Carpenter

    New modes of terrorist attacks mean a shift from large events aimed at property destruction to less sophisticated attacks causing mass casualties and fear. With global commerce, tourism and financial markets impacted, demand is growing for innovation such as modelling, capacity and protection-gap solutions to increase resiliency against such attacks, says a new report from Guy Carpenter.

    Asia Risk | 10 Oct 2018
  • Philippines: Agriculture, terrorism, and financial lines in the spotlight as emerging areas

    Agriculture, sabotage & terrorism, and financial lines are emerging product lines that "deserve a closer look and study", Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa has pointed out.

    Asia | 04 Oct 2018
  • Global: Public private ventures need to look at terrorism pools to adapt

    Public Private Enterprises (PPEs) need to adapt, change and look to provide new types of solutions for new areas of insurable risk to assist in moving the costs of the protection gap to the private sector, says Aon in an article titled "Terrorism Pools show Public Private Enterprises how to adapt to a changing world".

    Middle East | 10 Sep 2018
  • Global: Terrorist violence remains heavily concentrated in 4 countries

    More than half of all terrorism attacks in the world in 2017 took place in four countries: Iraq (23%), Afghanistan (13%), India (9%), and Pakistan (7%), according to the Global Terrorism Database compiled by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) based at the University of Maryland.

    Middle East | 04 Sep 2018
  • Asia: Insurers well-placed to further development of Belt and Road Initiative projects

    China's multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will offer the insurance industry and the wider global economy significant growth and investment opportunities. This was the unanimous view shared by industry experts at yesterday's Insurance Summit on Belt and Road Initiative in Singapore. But more importantly, insurers have a critical role to play in supporting the development of projects that are 'investable, legal, feasible and sustainable'.

    Asia | 13 Jun 2018
  • An embryonic market full of opportunity

    The insurance industry in Afghanistan is relatively small with only four companies operating in the market but things are looking positive for the sector with increasing awareness and opportunities arising from the government's push for infrastructure development in the country. Terrorism, though still a major concern, has not dampened the business environment and commercial activities are on the increase. We speak to Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan chief operating officer/chief underwriting officer Kevin Hartnett about the roadmap for the industry and the opportunities in the market.

    AIRPlus | 04 Jun 2018

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