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  • Top 5 articles in July

    What were the articles that created the most buzz in July? In case you missed it, below is the list of some of the most-read articles this month.

    Agents | 31 Jul 2018
  • Overcoming obstacles to success - David Eric Appel

    There will be roadblocks on your path to success because life throws obstacles at us. Each of us has our own story - whether it's experiencing death of a loved one, divorce, or a similar traumatic situation. David Eric Appel, a 22-year MDRT member, shared his personal experience and the lessons he learnt to overcome those moments of struggle and difficulty.

    Agents | 23 Jul 2018
  • Asia: Rising healthcare costs due to 'tsunami of chronic disease'

    Non-communicable diseases (NCD) account for 80% of the disease burden in Singapore in 2016, said Health Promotion Board's Director of Workplace Health and Outreach, Sim Beng Khoon. "However, a third of that can be prevented," he said.

    Asia | 04 Jul 2018
  • Asia: Attitude is key to success of bancassurance

    The insurance industry continues to constantly guide change as it aims to provide better products, services and solutions to cope with the needs of the public and the economy, said Mr Dennis B Funa, commissioner of the Philippines' Insurance Commission.

    Asia | 14 May 2018
  • Pivotal moment for insurance in Asia as InsurTech investment accelerates

    It is a pivotal moment for insurance in Asia, said Mr George Kesselman, president, InsurTech Asia Association at the opening of the Asia Insurtech Summit 2018. Investment in InsurTech is accelerating and Asia is at the forefront of this growth.

    Asia | 24 Apr 2018
  • RIMS identifies emerging trends to be spotlighted at 2018 Conference

    The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) has added seven "Hot Topic Sessions" to its schedule for the upcoming RIMS 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition in April. These topics, including AI and China's Belt and Road Initiative, are selected by RIMS Annual Conference Programming Committee and include educational presentations that explore emerging issues in risk management and best industry practices.

    Asia Risk | 14 Mar 2018
  • Myanmar Summit: Opportunities abound!

    There is immense insurance potential in Myanmar, with the early-stage market having a chance to leapfrog into a favourable position learning from the experience of other countries and foreign insurers waiting with bated breath for the upcoming liberalisation of its insurance sector, discussed the ongoing 2nd Myanmar Insurance Summit, organised by Asia Insurance Review and state-owned Myanma Insurance.

    Asia | 07 Mar 2018
  • Asia: Data cannot drive strategy

    The question of which would come first in the triad of 'vision, data and strategy' was decisively answered by Mr Vincent Shi, Managing Director of ScorGlobal Distribution Solutions Asia. "Data should never come first, that's a given," he said, explaining that otherwise, businesses run the risk of letting a specific few data points determine their strategy, while ignoring or missing out on other relevant data points.

    Asia | 02 Mar 2018
  • Strategies to build a team of 100% MDRT qualifiers

    Building a successful team with 100% MDRT qualifiers is not a dream but a possibility. Wave Chow who leads a Hong Kong-based team of insurance agents with 100% MDRT members shares his strategies.

    Agents | 09 Feb 2018
  • India: Re/insurance industry creates a new world for itself

    India today is a land of opportunities, and the ambient business environment in the country is characterised by exuberance and optimism. The feel-good climate is also reflected among reinsurance and insurance market participants who have received a shot-in-the-arm by way of the second phase of liberalisation of the sector, according to Mrs Alice G Vaidyan, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of GIC Re, in her special welcome address at the opening session yesterday of the 11th India Rendezvous in Mumbai.

    Asia | 19 Jan 2018

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