11th Asian Insurance CFO Summit 2017

5-7 Jun 2017, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong

Theme: "Back to Basics for the Insurance CFO: Creating, Transforming & Realizing Value"

As CFOs have been touted as the henchmen for the whole business in the era of expansion and innovation, it is time now to return to the fold to look at the core function of the CFO in business. So for 2017 we return to the Basics of the CFO’s raison d’etre as this year with all the geo-political and economic challenges, the CFO’s leadership, might and stamina will be critically tested. They must understand new and changing landscapes, regulations, technology as well as have the ability to steer the business in the right direction, whilst at the same time protecting the bottom line of their organisations. Ultimately, these challenges centre on prioritizing the demands on the finance team and the finance function. Can the CFO step up?

So the 11th CFO Summit after having gone through a decade of pushing the CFO’s role in every which way as demanded by the business mood, we return to the basics. What is the core role of the CFO in the new era of disruptive innovation, and Digital. Has the basics shifted? What new skillsets must CFOs have? Must CFOs be strategists still, walking with CEOs in driving change? What are the technical requirements in the IFRS 17 era? The world is plagued with geo political tensions and volatility with Brexit and the Trump Presidency, not to mention cyber risks. How do CFOs prioritize the allocation of resources and assess risks when the carpet keeps getting pulled from under their feet?

The 11th CFO Insurance Summit will get back to these key questions with a basic approach to the business to stay afloat and be sustainable in the long term despite monumental changes.

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